Building engaged, dedicated and high performing work-groups is the foundation of organizational effectiveness. Our organizational development initiatives assist our clients to plan and lead relevant and sustainable growth. COLD has immeasurable passion in helping organizations pursue and attain the growth agenda in all its facets.

We strongly believe organizations, teams, and individuals can achieve more than the present. We strive to ensure that client processes, people and plans are as business-focused and as aligned as possible. The focus of our OD initiatives is to create ultimate clarity on where the company is headed and what it will take to get there; while reducing as many barriers and resistant forces between people as possible.

OD is critical to our operations and we work with our clients to ensure the following:

  • Fact-based decision making and cultivation of essential leadership traits to manage change
  • Minimize risks by addressing the increasing digital complexities prevalent in the business environment
  • Align an organization to the ever-changing operating environment
  • Enhance the capacity to resolve complex emergent organizational issues
  • Build congruence across the entire organization
  • Unify people in organizations
  • Increase strategic awareness among all members and stakeholders

  • Through our education and training function, we offer on-demand expertise and certifications in:

    Organization Assessment & Design

    COLD help clients improve the effectiveness of their organizations by designing the right structures and elevating team performance. We help companies in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) activities and Appreciative Inquiry technologies. Our organization assessment and design initiatives, education and training services are customized to specific client needs.

    Change management

    Rapid growth, downsizing, restructuring and cultural transitions. We help our clients design, plan and implement business cases and behavioral changes to improve organizational performance. New business initiatives, new technology and new procedures require new behaviors from employees. Corporate change is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be painful or costly to your company.

    Talent/ Performance Management

    We build and implement long-term talent strategies and professional development strategies and connect them to company goals. An organization’s most valuable assets are its employees and their collective knowledge. Your company benefits when you invest in people by attracting, retaining, and developing quality employees. This function also focuses on employee assessment and analysis. To drive performance, you need to carefully understand the competencies that are required for success within each job role in the organization. Developing and retaining talent in those roles calls for an identification of learning paths and coaching needs or a determination of an employee’s readiness for a role. Our experienced assessment and analysis consultants help to design and implement the tools that measure skills, identify competencies, and evaluate behaviors and knowledge.


    – COLD engages in research activities across all functional areas and around the following areas:

  • Business & Technical Analysis
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Emerging business trends and issues
  • Institution Building
  • Artificial intelligence
  • All our academic programs support research activities around our core business functions with a thrust on organization development, leadership, and methods of optimal solutions.

    Culture Assessment & Alignment

    We help companies in ensuring coherence through the cultural enhancement programs. We believe that a strong organizational culture drives organizational effectiveness. We help organizations to bring their values into focus by building strong leadership and engagement processes. In order to design and develop effective culture programmes, COLD utilizes qualitative and quantitative measures in cultural assessment.

    Methods of optimal solutions

    We help companies determine and implement fact-based methods of optimal solutions. The determination of performance management systems is central to our methods of optimal solutions. We believe companies should clearly articulate, in their performance management systems, the core behaviors desired from all contributors within the company. Our philosophy regarding assessment instruments supports what we learned in business school: management should utilize data to assist in decision-making.

    Helping to implement new company OD roll-outs, refining/overhauling performance management systems, linking systems to business needs (present and future) of organizations, consulting and providing keynote addresses are several of the ways we provide value for our clients in the area of Organizational Development Initiatives. We offer capacity and professional development programmes for directors, C-suites, mission-critical managers and other work groups that should:

  • Promote the use of Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence (BI) tools across all work groups. This requires the definition of the organization’s data value strategy.
  • Encourage the development and implementation of structured and integrative risk governance framework coupled with strategic (transformational) planning
  • Promote enlightened environmental scanning and action learning methodologies
  • Promote strategic alignment through process-oriented organizational reengineering methodologies
  • Promote management innovation through R&D across work teams in order to develop well-honed product and service innovations.
  • Devise an integrated Human Resource Management System that unifies all members of the organization
  • Devise a Performance Management System that is integrative and focuses all members on a common objective.