The preferred and premier global leadership and organization development (OD) consultancy and vocational education & training service provider.


We exist to move organizations, individuals, and work teams up the ladder of growth, through education, training, restructuring or reengineering corporations. We are an organization that facilitates effective knowledge transfer to improve plans, processes, people and performance in organizations. We endeavor to offer academic courses that are relevant and transformational through our competency-based curriculum.


Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Continuous Development


Hello. I am Grace Magwani Chinoperekweyi, Administrator & Co-Founder of COLD with Justine Chinoperekweyi who is the COLD Academic Dean. The Centre for Organization Leadership & Development (COLD) was formed with a commitment to improving the performance of individual professionals, work teams and organizations. The overall objective of all our initiatives and efforts is ‘organizational effectiveness’ as measured through a variety of metrics (financial and non-financial) in the context of a specific organization.

COLD offers organizational leadership & development consulting, advisory, education and training services that are customized to meet the unique needs of each of our individual, group, and corporate clients. We are an organization that facilitates effective knowledge transfer to improve plans, processes, people and performance in organizations. Our services are divided into four core competency areas and comprise the following main functions:

  • Diagnosis - to ensure we focus on the real and meaningful issues in context, we deeply assess your situation and strive to build intelligence around the current situation.
  • Define where you want or should be: Creating a plan (Vision & Values Strategy)
  • Building employee and organizational capabilities through training and education based on OD theory and practice
  • Progress monitoring - we are a results-focused thought partner hence our after-service monitoring.
  • Feedback - we believe in continuous improvement hence our feedback mechanism informs our clients and ourselves as well
  • The four key competency areas that define our existence are Organization Development (OD), Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and Education & Training Services.

    We endeavor to provide useful, collaborative, stimulating and skills building services which allows for immediate application to daily activities at all levels throughout the organization. We help foster commitment from employees so that employees will positively contribute to the growth of the organization. We help build teams, departments and companies that people can believe in and that can contribute to a better world. Based on our competency-based curriculum, we endeavor to offer academic courses that are relevant and transformational.

    I invite you to contact us through any handle to explore whether our capabilities and experience may be helpful for you and/or your organization. EMERGE AND EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

    Grace M. Chinoperekweyi

    (Director - Administration & Client Support)


    Justine Chinoperekweyi is a transformational Author, banker and organizational leadership & development practitioner, thought-provoking facilitator, researcher, and professional independent speaker. Justine is recognized for his passion and efforts in assisting clients to develop systems that increase the overall effectiveness of the organization and improve performance and productivity at individual, team and organizational level. He works with directors, C-suites, mission-critical managers, aspiring board leaders, fresh graduates and students to enhance their strategic alignment and assists them in clarifying mission, vision, values, roles, goals, processes and infrastructures towards building a culture that exceeds expectations. Justine is driven by a passion to help organizations and individuals at whatever stage to get to success efficiently and effectively. Justine brings a holistic approach to building effective organizations, work groups and individuals. He has the rare ability to relate to all types of people across cultures, levels and industries of business. Justine designs and implements education and training programs that are meaningful, memorable, and effective in reaching individual and corporate goals.

    Justine holds a B.Com Degree in Banking & Finance, M.A in Leadership & Management, and recently completed his Ph.D., in Organizational Leadership & Development with the University of Lusaka (UNILUS) Zambia.

    Justine has delivered professional services in Zimbabwe and currently in UAE and USA. He has helped companies and individuals to improve performance and build organizations that are transformational. Justine is also a passionate Adjunct Faculty of Finance and Leadership, Independent Speaker on OD, and works full-time as Academic Director in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Justine is the Author of three books – Exceptionality Without Relapse: pathways and principles to creating an exceptional life; Decision Making for Transformational Presence: guide to making decisions that works; and Corporate Governance in Banking: nuggets from Canada, Georgia, Germany, U.K., and Zimbabwe.


    The Centre for Organization Leadership & Development (COLD) is a Zimbabwe incorporated management consultancy and vocational education & training institution. We are a global learning organization that moves organizations, work teams and individuals up the ladder of growth continually. COLD is an organization leadership & development institution with a commitment to building effective organizations through training and education of individuals, teams, leaders and aspiring leaders; and restructuring or re-engineering organizations for growth and sustainability.

    We strive to provide thought leadership and high value organizational effectiveness consulting, competency-based education and training within the private and public sectors across the globe. COLD exist to facilitate relevant and sustainable change in organizations. Our team is comprised of leadership and organization development professionals interested in organizational effectiveness, organization development, performance management, corporate governance, human resource and leadership development, entrepreneurial leadership and strategic alignment.