Disseminating OD & Leadership information at all levels

The Centre for Organization Leadership and Development (“hereinafter referred to as ‘COLD’”) and the Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (“hereinafter referred to as ‘OLDQ’”) through the Organization Leadership and Development Network (“hereinafter referred to as ‘OLDN’”) established an educational streaming channel (“herein referred to as an ‘Online Educational & Professional TV’). With a global focus, OLDN TV work through easily accessible social media studios or any other platform deemed appropriate to reach scholars and practitioners, and the marginalized. OLDN TV is a pre-recorded and/or live streaming platform for events, news, discussions, and debates on Organization Development (OD) and Leadership. The TV covers OLDN members’ application of OD and effective leadership concepts, Member Impact-Influence Reflections (MI-IR), members’ entrepreneurial ventures, OLDN Conversations/Masterclasses, pre-conversations or Masterclass interviews and interviews with global OD and Leadership scholar-practitioners.


Premier globally intelligent, professional and educational OD & Leadership Television Channel.


OLDN TV is a professional and educational knowledge-exchange channel for discussions and debates focused at globally advancing the field of OD and effective leadership in order to improve the human condition. The Channel exists to ignite insightful conversation through sharing professional educational information about developments and activities in the OD & Leadership sphere.

Strategic Objectives

“Television, with its capabilities of video, audio and motion, is a strong, modern mass medium of transferring information to mass audience in the current age. Television can be used for supporting education, gathering attention, attracting direction, filling the blanks, reaching the masses, presenting the facts for both students and adults in terms of decreasing the problems of education”

• Streaming of OD & Leadership activities or events from COLD and all its affiliate institutions

• Share new insights and models in the field of OD and Leadership

• Delivering OD & Leadership content over-the-top on the internet

• Conduct talk shows related to OD & Leadership and other related fields

• Deliberate on the practical implications of OLDN Conversations’ topics and publications club

• Discuss OLDQ publications and other OD related publications with

• Conduct expert interviews with OLDN members and other international OD & Leadership scholar-practitioners

• Raise awareness on OD & Leadership events or activities across the globe

• Discuss OD and leadership qualifications from aligned institutions globally

• Profiling of OLDN members and other global OD & Leadership scholar-practitioners and their entrepreneurial ventures.

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