Gaborone, Botswana

Theme: Whole System Mindset & Heartset Transformation – Insights and Interventions for Sustainable Development

To co-create a preferred future, a new leadership and business consciousness inspired by co-creation, systems thinking, design thinking, and appreciative intelligence is critical. We need to enrich our consulting, leadership, and governance practices with vocabulary, actions, and concepts that manifest generative change and a newness that elevates the human and planetary condition. OLDN’s priority is to deepen our collective consciousness towards whole system transformation behaviours, practices, and styles. OLDN 2024 theme is anchored on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), Africa Vision 2030, and the national visions and development strategies of different countries across the globe.

Individual, organizational, and societal transformation should be premised on interventions that foster integration rather than disconnection. What fundamental shifts can foster integration rather than disconnection? New paradigms, novel technologies, and new ways of relating and acting must emerge as interventions for sustainability. What are some emerging concepts, capabilities, qualities, and skills for positive individual, organizational, and societal transformation? How does the field and practice of OD support the manifestation of a new leadership and business consciousness for sustainable development?

OLDN 2024 invites practitioners, consultants, scholars, doctoral students, and policy makers to dialogue around insights and interventions for whole system transformation. The Botswana Government engaged in a Nationwide Mindset Transformation initiative. The Conference will take time to reflect on the pillars, principles, and capabilities for national transformation.

OLDN will be partnering with diverse individuals and organizations as a strategy to expose participants to reach case studies, concepts, and stories for individual, organizational, and societal transformation.

OLDN Doctoral Consortium (OLDN-DC) provides a unique opportunity for a small group of Ph.D. students to share, interact, and discuss their ongoing research and career plans. OLDN practitioners and scholars will provide expert advice on the research. We intent to enrich the research work that was initiated in 2023 under an Organization Development Journal (ODJ) Special Issue on “Only Africa Can Create OD for Africa”. Hence, OLDN 2024 will incorporate doctoral students with research focus on Organization Development, Organization Design, Leadership Development, Human Capital Development, Systems Thinking, Change Leadership, and or related fields.

OLDN 2024 Aspirations and Deliverables:

Our aspirations are bold, grounded in practicality, and geared toward:

• Unveiling whole system practices from across the globe and adapting them to our unique context.

• Rekindling the resonance of our African heritage and harnessing our cultural tools to drive pivotal whole system transformation.

• Cultivating an ecosystem of interconnected networks committed to holistic and sustainable growth.

• Illuminating the interplay between environment, humanity, and business, harnessing their potential for transformative change.

• Co-creating an African Future, forging Botswana's path toward sustainability, equity, and flourishing.


  • Start date 28 August 2024
  • End date 30 August 2024


  • Avani Hotel, Gaborone