The OLDN Annual Conference is competency-based networking, education and collaboration for existing and emerging OD, Leadership, Governance and related fields’ scholar-practitioners. The conference facilitates leading edge insight and practice in OD through bringing together global scholar-practitioners to deliberate and debate on organization leadership and development practices, issues and trends. The OLDN Annual Conference is an event open to OLDN Members, Members of Affiliate and Affiliated Organizations, and the general public with the primary objective of advancing OD and effective leadership.

This year’s theme “Learning & Leading through Global OD Lenses & Sustainability” seeks to extol OD foundational principles of inquiry and engagement. Putting on OD Lenses encompasses embracing the Science, Theory, Practices, and Values of the multi-disciplinary OD field thereby facilitating Presence, Appreciative Intelligence, Contextual Intelligence, and Moral Awakening as an OD Professional. The OD Lenses enhance learning and leadership at Self, family, organizational, and societal levels thereby driving the sustainability agenda, that is; embedded sustainability. Speakers, Presenters and Panelists will provide practical and evidence-based approaches, strategies and interventions to enhance sustainable learning and leadership through OD. The theme also reinforces the need for enhancing sustainable learning and leadership through transformational connections and sharing of OD success stories and failures.

The focus on sustainability (embedded sustainability), reinforces the need for creativity and innovation in not only the OD field, but in all disciplines. Speakers, Presenters and Panelists will discuss the different dimensions of sustainability and the role of OD, Leadership and Governance in driving the sustainability agenda at all levels and in all disciplines. COLD through OLDN recognizes that OD, Leadership and Governance concepts are essential in ensuring stability and continuity and as a cyclical field, continuous learning and effective leadership is paramount.

The 2021 OLDN Annual Conference targets Organization Development, HR, Organization Design, Educational Leaders, Transformation, Organization Leaders and practitioners alike.


  • Start date 30th July, 2021
  • End date 31st July, 2021


  • Virtual Conferene