The above functions form the basis of our management consultancy, education and training services. COLD offers competency-based education and training services in OD, Organizational Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Business Administration. We also facilitate short-courses training in the following areas:

Business Etiquette Training

We provide your employees with the tools they need to dress and act professionally in the workplace, network, and communicate effectively using emails and social media tools.

Soft Skills Training

We help our clients maximize their people power through our soft skills training.

Middle Management & Supervisory Training

We help develop and refine management and supervisory skills of your workforce to strengthen your organization.

Team building, Alignment and Productivity Workshops

We help organizations align individual members’ goals and the team purpose.

Employee Wellness Training

We offer a holistic wellness training to improve the performance of your workforce.

Customer Engagement and Experienceg

We help our clients build positive relationships with their prospective and existing clients.

Employee Engagement Training

We help our clients develop successful engagement strategies

COLD offers competency-based bespoke online and classroom programmes under the following four categories:

Short courses/ Refresher Courses Open Programmes/Guided Self-study Certification Programmes Diploma Programmes

If your organization requires a dynamic and transformational trainer to facilitate courses or human resources programs; The Centre for Organization Leadership & Development (COLD) consultants can facilitate effective knowledge transfer. Our training and facilitation consultants are skilled at adapting their presentation based on the audience and the nature of the training.

In our efforts to assist clients in building engaging, performance-oriented work environments, our training capabilities produce outstanding learning experiences for participants. COLD training and facilitation consultants are experts in adult learning theories and have experience in many subjects, including those related to your training needs. Our consultants facilitate management and leadership trainings with a focus on organization development principles and interventions.

Training engagements typically occur on a set course fee. Our training methodologies include customized 360° assessment, multi-program, instructor-led, on-line sessions, workshops, seminars, on-the-job training, simulations, social networking for peer-to-peer learning, and coaching & mentorship. Our certification courses follow a blended/modular approach informed by needs analysis. Each module will be covered over a period of one month initially through a guided learning approach and consultation sessions.